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Q: How soon will my skin show results using the Dermasystem?

A: You can expect to see a difference almost immediately your skin texture will feel smoother and look brighter. Our products show real, measurable results in a short period of time, especially when you follow the ‘DermaSystem’ tailor-made for you this includes home care and clinic protocol.

Q: Can I have a personal consultation?

A: Yes we always recommend having a personal consultation to get a holistic view of your skin issues, lifestyle and to be able to advise you on the best skin care plan. We want to eliminate the confusion for the consumer – this is all about ‘just you’

Q: Where does Dermaclinical come from?

A: Dermaclinical was developed from years of industry knowledge by Debbie Wolfendale who understands the need for effective, pharmaceutical grade products sourced from top laboratories around the world, mostly from the USA.

Q: Does Dermaclinical test on animals?

A: Dermaclinical does not test on animals and does not use suppliers that test on animals.

Q: Where can I get Dermaclinical products?

A: Dermaclinical is available through select Aesthetics Clinics, Doctors and Dermatologists. Alternatively Dermaclinical can be purchased online @ remember to list your supplier / online specialist if you have one.

Q: How do I become a Dermaclinical stockist?

A: Dermaclinical is strictly distributed to Aesthetics Clinics, Doctors and Dermatologists, for more information please send an email to

Q: Do you use parabens?

A: We do not use parabens or any possibly harmful ingredients known as the ‘dirty’ dozen in our products.

Q: Can you deliver across SA borders into Africa?

A: Yes we can deliver outside of SA; courier fees will be added depending on the size of the order and final destination. Your country’s local import duties will be for your account.

Q: Is Dermaclinical a medical grade product?

A: Yes Dermaclinical is a medical grade or ‘dermaceutical’ range of products that consists of high concentrations of active ingredients whose efficacy is supported by clinical trials.

Q: Is Dermaclinical a natural brand?

A: Dermaclinical is a brand containing natural extracts, peptides and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Q: Which aesthetic protocols are suggested with Dermaclinical?

A: In-clinic treatments include time dependent peels and Micro needling combined with LED light therapy, dermaplaning, PRP facials, Lamprobe, IV drip, as well as more invasive procedures as required.