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  • ULTRA HOMME capsules are a blend of highly researched plant extracts formulated to increase natural testosterone levels, assist with erectile dysfunction, and increased sexual stamina.
  • The active ingredients in ULTRA HOMME are Protodioscins (Protodioscin is a steroidal saponin compound found in a number of plant species).
  • ULTRA HOMME has two main pathways of action for healthy, gradual results:
    • The stimulation and the release of nitric oxide (a gas molecule), relax the smooth muscle tissue in the penis and expand blood vessels.
    • The functional state of the penis, flaccid or erect is governed by smooth muscle tone.
    • Sympathetic contractile factors maintain flaccidity whilst parasympathetic factors induce smooth muscle relaxation and erection.
    • It is generally accepted that nitric oxide (NO) is the principal agent responsible for the relaxation of penile smooth muscle (erection).
    • The stimulation and release of testosterone via the pituitary gland.
    • Now, men can safely increase their testosterone activity without the risk of taking steroid hormones. Increased testosterone increases fertility and libido.



  • Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali) - Increased testosterone in your blood. This all-natural herb is not a testosterone replacement, nor does it directly increase testosterone. It activates your body's ability to make testosterone without side effects (i.e. excess testosterone production turns into estrogen which turns into belly fat.) Traditionally prescribed as an aphrodisiac and treatment for sexual dysfunction. Assists in maintaining erections, and increasing libido and sexual desire. It enhances energy levels, endurance, and stamina, and reduces mental fatigue.
  • Epimedium grandiflorum - The chemical in Epimedium that is responsible for its effects is known as icariin9. lcariin is believed to work by increasing levels of nitric oxide (NO) in the body, which relaxes smooth muscle, and ultimately increases blood flow. Epimedium grandiflorum has been shown to relax penile tissue by nitric oxide and PDE-5 activity.
  • Panax Ginseng - Studies have shown that ginseng enhances libido and sexual performance. Directly affecting the central nervous system and gonadal tissues. There is also evidence that ginsenosides can assist with penile erection by inducing vasodilatation and relaxation of penile corpus avernosum.
  • Tribulus Terrestris - Increases libido through effects on free testosterone and luteinizing hormone in men. Tribulus Terrestris has been shown to enhance sexual behaviour by stimulating androgen receptors in the brain.
  • Zinc Gluconate - Zinc deficiency significantly lowers testosterone levels and a significant decrease in serum testosterone concentration.
  • Avena Sativa - Nourishes nerves, increasing sensation in the genital area, thereby increasing sensation, pleasure and quality and quantity of orgasms.
    Increases nitric oxide and suppresses inflammatory cytokines in artery walls. This increases blood flow to the brain and increases alertness, libido, and sexual experience.
  • We use ingredients that are shown to be effective in scientific studies and oppose the use of genetically engineered products and raw materials that are contaminated with pesticide residues, heavy metals and/or other contaminants.


  • Take two capsules every morning.


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