DERMACLINICAL was born out of more than 30 years of working alongside industry specialists and listening to clients agonize over their skin issues. “We are about the SCIENCE OF SKIN HEALTH, beauty is a by-product of healthy skin” Debbie Wolfendale – CEO of DERMACLINICAL

With the marketing noise and false statements being made in our industry, the consumer is confused and un-trusting. A solution was needed, so we set out to find them in the best compounding laboratories around the world.

We have sourced formulae from different labs, each subject matter experts in their own fields: acne, pigmentation and aging. The formulae we chose had to show real measurable results, both visually and by using the Ultra Sound Dermascan medical equipment.

The results needed to show within a relatively short period of time, be of a high quality, safe to use, consistently available, and something professionals can trust to prescribe to their patients. All the above needs to be cutting edge and using the most innovative technologies. Manufactured in cGMP compliant and ISO 22716 Certified facilities.



DERMACLINICAL uses safe preservatives containing NO PARABENS.
We do NOT TEST ON ANIMALS – only humans!

DERMACLINICAL has incorporated hi-tech carriers and liposomes to ensure that the active ingredients are absorbed deeply into the skin.

DERMACLINICAL mission is to treat the skin with care, avoiding inflammatory reactions and always considering the integrity of the skins protective barrier. Pharmaceutical grade moisturizing & hydrating agents are used throughout the range.

DERMACLINICAL has added NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES to their products to minimize skin sensitivity or irritation.




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DERMACLINICAL offers a unique product to their patients, where the specialist can customise the strength of the product depending on the severity or sensitivity of the skin. This method is called “Extemporaneous Compounding” – mixing in or adding to the base product a “concentrated additive” containing natural skin lightening brighteners and antioxidants, etc.

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DERMACLINICAL cannot be purchased off the shelf without a consultation. Mainly sold or prescribed through Medical Doctors, Aesthetic technicians, Pharmacists or Dermatologists.

DERMACLINICAL offers a full range of products ranges: MY SKIN BRIGHTER, MY SKIN CLEARER, MY SKIN YOUNGER Systems.
Also: MY SKIN PROTECTED, MY SKIN CLEANER products for all skin types to enjoy daily.