Problem: Psoriasis is a chronic auto-immune condition that causes the rapid buildup of skin cells. This buildup of cells causes scaling on the skin’s surface. Psoriasis is now known to be caused by genetic factors and affecting between 2% and 4% of the population. Although there are many patterns, the vast majority of patients present with dusky, red patches on the skin which, if scratched, produce a silver scale. Inflammation and redness around the scales is common. Typical psoriatic scales are whitish-silver and develop in thick, red patches. Sometimes, these patches will crack and bleed. The knees, elbows, scalp and the area over the sacrum (lower spine) are the common sites.

Solution: Psoriasis treatments aim to reduce inflammation and settle the skin. Treatments can be divided into three main types: topical treatments, light therapy and systemic medications. The simplest and easiest form of phototherapy involves exposing your skin to controlled amounts of natural sunlight or artificial ultraviolet light.

Causes: Doctors are unclear as to what causes psoriasis but have managed to ascertain a general idea these being two key factors: genetics and the immune system. Triggers include infections like strep throat, excessive heat,sun exposure, certain medication, A.I.D.S and auto immune illnesses.

Recommended product: Topical corticosteroids, are most frequently prescribed medications for treating mild to moderate psoriasis. They reduce inflammation and relieve itching and may be used with other treatments like vitamin D to slow skin cell growth. Topical retinoids (vitamin A derivatives) help decrease inflammation. Salicylic acid promotes sloughing of dead skin cells and reduces scaling. Moisturizing creams alone won’t heal psoriasis, but they can reduce itching, scaling and dryness.

Lifestyle Tips: avoid using harsh products on your skin, mild soaps and moisturizing creams products should be fragrance free as alcohol in fragrance exacerbates irritation

Star Product:

  • Vitamin D body Lotion with Retinol
  • Omega 3
  • Probiotics
  • Salicare Serum