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  • A specialised EYE treatment serum targets Periorbital hyperpigmentation (POH), unwanted pigmentation in the eye trough from Melanogenesis activity.
  • Periorbital hyperpigmentation can be due to congenital or acquired causes.
  • With our Cristalhyal and plant complex, hydration of the area with the filling of the thin skin will improve the aged, dry appearance of the eye area.
  • Brightening and lightening of the skin will be targeted with our Melagen peptide complex.
  • Protection against the environment and rebuilding of the skin barrier will be taken care of with our antioxidant complex: Vitamin C and Vitamin B3.


  • Melagen Peptide Complex
  • Tamarindus lndica seed gum is a plant-based alternative to hyaluronic acid. The fruit's seeds are used to produce polysaccharides that bind water and retain it for optimal skin hydration. It has a moisturizing and filling effect, moisturizes, smooths and improves the elasticity of the skin.
  • Vitamin C- A Superior antioxidant, this highly potent form of deep penetrating Tetra (oil soluble) pure vitamin C 2%- helps neutralize free radicals and protect against oxidative stress whilst providing visible anti-aging benefits
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) 5%- addresses cellular respiration, lipid synthesis, along with offering anti-oxidant properties. Helps improve barrier function, inhibit pigmentation, as well as smooth the appearance of fine lines. Promotes overall complexion improvement.
  • Sodium Hyaluronic acid is a form of hyaluronic acid that can enter the deep layers of your skin. Here, it attracts moisture and reduces inflammation. When applied topically, sodium hyaluronate is excellent for reducing dryness and plumps wrinkles
  • Cristalhyal Complex increases the water content in the Stratum Corneum + 133% in under 8 hours. Cristlhyal complex (a biomimetic polymer forming a non-occlusive film on the surface of the epidermis. Its 'ball' structure mechanically captures water). Tests show the water content held by the Stratum Corneum is increased by + 133% in less than 8 hours. This has a softening, hydrating and wrinkle-filling effect.


  • Use day or night, or both. Apply directly to the eye orbit. Keep in a cool place. Use high-quality sunglasses and a hat when outdoors.


  • Ideal for pigmented disorders of the eye area. Should you have eczema of the eye area - speak to our specialists about Ultra Repair Cream and i4 Medical Mist.
  • Cleanse the eye area with Healing Milk Cleanser.


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