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  • My Body Restored – Vegetable Oil
  • My Body Restored – Grapefruit Juice
  • My Body Restored – The Real Gut Flush
  • My Body Restored – Gut Flush
Gut flush is one night only!
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We are rooted in science but driven by passion of preventative health care!

Moving from dis-ease to at-ease

My Body Restored is in the business of ensuring targeted individualised nutrition. Our partner labs and leading Scientists formulate and manufacture supplements, personalised to the needs of your body, as determined by a scientifically proven test, which assesses imbalances at a cellular level.

Why supplement?

The world we live in today continually undermines the perfect balance our bodies were designed to have. Poor eating habits, impoverished food and soil sources, harmful chemical additives and stressful lifestyles, leave most people with a compromised internal health ecosystem.

We supplement to ensure that our bodies receive the nutrition required to fuel the millions of biochemical processes that need to take place to keep healthy and to function optimally.


The Glutathione we supply is the only one with proven studies showing absorption and is naturally fermented,as opposed to chemically synthesized, Dermaclinical Glutathione capsules are chosen for the study results based on safety, efficacy and quality.


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