Problem: There’s a difference between dry and dehydrated skin, yet both tend to feel the same—just plain dry. Dryness refers to a skin type, while dehydration refers to a skin condition. Dry skin has a lack of oil, or lipids, skin without lipids needs to retain moisture and build a strong barrier to protect against external aggressors. Dehydrated skin, does not have enough water in the top layer of the skin, leaving it feeling tight and looking dull and crepey. Dry, oily and combination skins can all be dehydrated.

Solution: There are a few ways to assist a dry skin, like using heavier nourishing creams, adding a treatment serum to your routine. It also helps to pay attention to the seasons and modify your routine accordingly (i.e. more moisture in winter), mild exfoliation, drinking water and adding healthy fats to your diet such as avocado, nuts and Omega 3’s. Treating dehydration is slightly different. While hydration is key (intake of fluids specifically water) using hydrating treatment products, eating water rich foods, using a facial mist and a humidifier all help to rehydrate the skin.

Causes: Dry skin is often a result of genetics, poor diet, the environment including over exposure to elements, lack of good skin care and supplementation. Dehydration is also caused by external factors the most common are weather, environment, diet and caffeine consumption – all of which can result in diminished water content in the skin, lots of airline travel, air conditioning, smoking, saunas and steam baths all contribute to dehydrated skin.

Recommended Treatment: Eliminate harsh cleansers, use a gentle cleansing milk to clean your skin, add a nourishing serum under your day and night cream, use a rich treatment mask once to twice a week, exfoliate with a mild enzymatic exfoliator once or twice a week.

To hydrate the skin use a hydrating serum – hyaluronic acid is a particularly good hydrator – apply alone or before your moisturizer. Use a hydrating mask once or twice a week. Exfoliate with a mild enzymatic exfoliator once or twice a week. Drink more water.

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