Problem: Couperose is a type of Rosacea evident as chronic redness appearing on the face. It appears as small, dilated, winding, bright red blood vessels on cheeks, around the nose, and sometimes on the chin. Often mistaken for an allergy or eczema, it usually affects the face on the cheeks nose and chin, and is found predominantly in fair skin types.

Solution: Care should be taken that skins with this condition are not exposed to excessively hot or cold water. Topical treatments and supplements can be used to help strengthen the capillary walls. It’s really important to build the skin internally to assist with prevention and cure. A combination of Omega 3 fish oils and Collagen help build and strengthen the skin from within improving overall function and texture.

Causes: The exact cause isn’t known, it may be hereditary or genetic, there are a number of factors that contribute to the problem. It occurs primarily as a result of poor elasticity in the capillary wall, after expansion of small blood vessels, when there is a sudden rush of blood because of blushing, excessive heat, or other stimuli, the capillaries expand, making room for the increase of blood.

Recommended product: while there is no cure, treating the skin with gentle products containing enhancing active ingredients that minimize inflammation, soothe and comfort will reduce the redness and prevent further damage.
To be taken daily Collagen powder and Omega 3.

Lifestyle tips: Hot climates, hot water, nervous disorders, digestive disorders, saunas, exercise that causes the face to turn very red, drinking very hot liquids, eating spicy foods, and blushing must be managed or avoided where possible. Use tepid to cool water on your skin, be very gentle when working the skin do not use any abrasive products, mild milky cleansers, SPF and soothing treatment creams are a must.

In-Clinic Treatment: the most effective treatment for couperose is radio wave and high frequency technology using a device known as the Lamprobe. It is minimally invasive, targets specific spots and delivers optimal results, depending on the severity of the problem more than one session may be required. Other treatments including IV drip treatment and microneedling both help strengthen tissue and improve the overall condition of the skin.

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